Product Description

  • Online Reel Counter is also known as SMD components counter,it is a fully automated online reel counting equipment via X-Ray technology. It can recognise and classify reels in different statuses fastly, then modeling, typesetting,material label printing,feeding and laying-off  automatically with high efficiency.
  • Compact with Passion’s AI algorithm, connect with existing systems MES,ERP etc,the counter can upload its data intime, that enornomously improves warehousing and logistics efficient . 
  •  It has been applied to smart warehousing and logistics field of SMT, 3C and automotive electronics.
Product features

▪High efficiency: Max. 200 trays/time. Automated-operation:Fully automatically recognise,classify,modeling,typesetting,material label printing,loading,counting and laying-off
▪ Wider application:Suitable for all types of chip components
▪ High accuracy:Correcting rate over 99.99%.
▪ Measurable reel diameter is 7-15 inches.
▪ Ease for management:Seamless connecting with existing systems MES,ERP etc,

Product parameters

X-Ray X-ray Light tube Light tube Voltage Max. 80kV
Light tube type Microfocus closed tube
Display Receiver High performance flat panel receiver
Detection area 380mm * 380mm
Pixel 74.8μm
Greyscale 14bit (16,384 gray scale)
Resolution 1600*1200
Sample platform (Manipulator) Maximum size of sample φ 330mm
Testing time 15sec (φ 180 Reel)
Calculation accuracy
> 99.8%(dimension of 0201)
>99.9%(dimension of 0402 and above)
hardware Test sample weight 1.5 kg
Device size (W*D*H) 1200mmx 1520mmx 1700mm
Weight 2000Kg
Radiation leakage Below 1μ Sv/h