Product Description

  • Offline Reel Counter is also known as SMD components counter.Via X-Ray technology,it can quickly and accurately calculate the number of materials in the material reel.
  •  It has been applied to smart warehousing and logistics field of SMT, 3C and automotive electronics.

Product features

▪ Ease to use:Compared with traditional counting/pointing machine, there is no need to unpack or transfer the reel in the X-Ray reel counter.

▪Wider application:Suitable for all types of chip components,includes measurable reel diameter is 7-15 inches.

▪ High accuracy:Correcting rate over 99.99%.

▪ Quality control: Offline X-ray component counting can be used as part of a quality control process to ensure that the correct number of components are being used in electronic assemblies.

Product parameters
of X-ray tube
Type of light tube Reflective sealed microfocus X-ray source
Operating voltage 30-80 KV
Operating current 200-700 μA
Max. output power 56 W
Microfocus size 30-40 μm
Parameters of
flat panel
detector (FPD)
Type of flat panel Noncrystalline silicon FPD
Pixel matrix 3072*3072
Field range 427*427 mm
Resolution 3.6 Lp/mm
Frame rate of image
6 fps
AD conversion bits 16 bits
Size of charging tray 7"-15" Tape Reel
Scanning height Within 80 mm
Smallest part 01005
Label printing
TSC industrial printer
System docking
Input power supply
220 V 10 A 50-60 Hz