Product Description
  • Automatic Labeling Machine is a fully automatic labeling equipment for all specifications of small components with high efficiency and multi-function.
  • It can be widely applied in the industries,e.g. consumer electronics, household appliances, automotive electronics, network communication, rail transit, electric and electrical engineering, national defense and military industry, semiconductor, etc
Product features

▪ High efficiency:For 7”, 13” and 15” trays,within 2-6 s, it can finish the whole process:original label code reading, printing of customers’ labels, rotary positioning, pasting of customers’ label, automatic stacking of charging trays, etc.

▪ Automated operation: Fully automatically labeling avoids manual error

▪ 0 error: Acurately recognise,100% recognise and label intime

Product parameters
Efficiency 2-6 seconds/tray
Labeling precision ≤±1 mm
Support Code scanning, label generation and pasting, verification and sorting
L3660*W1350*H2100 mm
1000 KG
Input voltage 220 V
Rated power <5 KW
Rated current 25 A
Diameter 178-381 mm
8-88 mm
Compatible length
50-120 mm
Compatible width
15-50 mm