Product Description
  • Constant Humidity Storage Chamber is designed for valuable components which are sensitive to the storage humidity.
  • According to the special storage requirements,the supporting dehumidification module controls the humidity in the cabinet to ensure the perfect preservation of materials . One-to-one intensive constant humidity storage space realises accurate components quality management.
  • Via machine vision module,multi-axis manipulator and software system, the humidity sensitive components can be stored and retried automatically, efficiently and accurately.
  • For saving space, its dimension can be designed to the space allowed.
Product features

▪ Diverse storage:raw material smart storage device is applicable for storage of multiple electronic components (in reel/bag/box)

▪ Control system:operated and controlled with high speed and high precision by a servo mechanism system

▪ Multi-dimensional access:multi-axis manipulator and process optimization to achieve motion cooperative control

▪ Multiple integration:Modular integration of multiple intelligent storage equipment to achieve joint control

Product parameters

SN Parameter Specifications/Functions Remark
1 Dimension H3200mm, W2100mm, L9000mm (can be customized)
2 Storage capacity Anti-static box (size: 530*380*170mm) ≥270 pieces (can be customized)
3 Average storage/retrieval time ≤30s
4 Storage and retrieval method Automatic access of material carriers (electrostatic box) with the manipulator; allow in and out at the same time at the feeding and discharging port
5 Type of material packaging DIP plug-in, PCB, Tray, tube, bulk material and other irregular materials and parts
6 Anti-static level Material of the contact surface with reels (electrostatic box, manipulator) 106Ω-109Ω
7 Power supply Three-phase 380VAC, 50HZ
8 Temperature and humidity monitoring function Real-time monitoring and display the temperature and humidity in the material bin
9 UPS Supply power for more than 30 minutes in case of power failure, and support manual material retrieval