Product Description

  • Automated Sorting and Storage Equipment is is a fully automated, scalable,modular storage and sorting system for electronic components ,various  small  geometries parts, boxes, blisters and circuit boards.
  • It’s all part of the highly automated, just-in-time production that we call the storage equipment designed to enable 100% stock accuracy, full visibility planning, automated replenishment and retrial.

Product features

▪ Diverse components picking and storage:Suit for various dimesions of small products and components (in diverse package:reel/bag/box)

▪ 7*24 hours working: Fully automated picking and storage,support continuously independed working

▪ No error: Sorting and stocking accuracy 100%

▪ Cost saving: Less manual operation,cost saving and erro avoiding

Product parameters

SN Parameter Specifications/Functions Remark
1 Dimension H3200 mm, W2100 mm, L9000 mm (can be customized)
2 Storage capacity Anti-static box (size: 530mm*380mm*170mm) ≥540 pcs (can be customized)
3 Average storage/retrieval time ≤30s
4 Storage and retrieval method Automatic access of material carriers (electrostatic box) with the manipulator; allow in and out at the same time at the feeding and discharging port
5 Type of material packaging DIP plug-in, PCB, Tray, tube, bulk material and other irregular materials and parts
6 Anti-static level Material of the contact surface with reels (electrostatic box, manipulator) 106Ω-1011Ω
7 Power supply Three-phase 380VAC, 50HZ
8 Temperature and humidity monitoring function Temperature & humidity of the material bin real-time monitoring and display
9 UPS Support over 30 minutes supply power once power failure and manual material retrieval