Product Description

  • SMT intelligent storage equipment supports “one code and one storage position for each material” automaticlly, precise and intelligent management for electronic materials. It is also integrated with such systems as ERP, MES and WMS seamlessly to realize digital, automatic and intelligent management of SMT material storage, sorting, ex-warehousing and inventory in the entire process. The smart warehousing of SMT electronic charging tray could improve efficiency, reduce labor strength and lower risks of wrong materials.

Product features

▪ High efficiency: Dual channels simutaneously operation,Minimum storage and retrial efficient up to 6 s
▪ Automated operation: Fully automatically storage,counting,picking and retrial,human error and excess stock can be avoided in the source
▪ Ease for management:The storage quantity can be displayed intime via seamless connecting with existing systems MES,ERP etc,

Product parameters
Equipment name SMT dual-channel intelligent storage equipment
Average material storage/withdrawal time Efficiency 6-18s
Feeding and discharging mode Batch material continuously change through the right and left sides without stopping
the equipment. Automatic material storage and withdrawal of manipulator supported;
discharging port supports AGV automatic connection and conveying to designated
discharging site in later stage
Type of material package
Anti-static grade
Material contacting charging tray (belt line and storage and withdrawal manipulator)E6 ~E9 Ω
Power 3-phase 380 V ,AC, 50Hz
Security protection The e-stop switch designed with a safety hood could stop upon an emergency
Emergency response mechanism Provide UPS(It can supply power for more than 30 min upon power failure).
Manual material taking supported
Bar code scanning mode One-dimensional code/two-dimensional code