Product Description
  • Passion’s automatic stereoscopic warehouse for finished products (AS/RS) has integrated Passion’s smart warehousing and logistics central control platform, intelligent storage equipment and automatic logistics equipment. It is a complete set of intelligent automatic stereoscopic warehouse of finished products, which is designed based on customers’ demands and consists of various types of warehouse management software, graphic monitoring and scheduling software, bar code recognition and tracking system, transfer robot, AGV trolley, goods sorting system, stacker addressing system, stacker control system and goods allocation detector. It can finish depositing and withdrawing unit goods automatically under the control of smart warehousing and logistics central control platform.

Product features

Compared with traditional warehouse, it is superior in the following aspects: High space utilization rate, high storage efficiency, real-time and precise system management, labor saving and avoiding inactive stock.

Product parameters
Structural form/Goods typel
Dual-column ground supporting straight dual-fork and dual-retractable fork, single goods
Running speed
Customized /600kg
Motor brand/power
Horizontal:4-150m/min,Elevating:0-30m/min, Fork:0-30m/min
Positioning/resetting precision
Power supply mode
Operating mode
Safety slide wire, 3-phase 4-wire
Addressing mode
Maintenance,manual, automatic and online automatic
Control mode of stocker
Horizontal: laser; Vertical: bar code; Fork: proximity switch
Driving mode of motor
PLC(Mitsubishi FX/Siemens series)
Power supply
Frequency control
Operation mode
AC 380V 50Hz
Communication mode
Single and combined circulation
Working noise
Industrial wireless communication
Ambient temperature and 
relative humidity
Body color
-5~40℃, smaller than 90(Non-condensing)