With Flexible WIP Warehouse Product + Software Platform Integration Service Ability, Passion Won the Titles of “One of Top Ten System Integrators”

Correspondent:admin Time:2022-08-08

On August 4, the 2022 (Fifth) GG-ROBOT Integrators Conference was rounded off. Passion was invited to attend the Conference and share successful cases of smart warehousing solutions for digital intelligent production, and also won the double titles of “One of Top Ten System Integrators in Warehousing and Logistics Industry” and “One of Top Ten System Integrators in 3C Industry”. This important moment was witnessed by 600+ industrial executives from the robot field.

Passion is a rare leading enterprise with both standard WIP warehouse product research and development ability and software platform integration service ability in China, which has been deeply engaged in warehouse robot industry.

Standing on the self-developed standardized intelligent one-to-one WIP warehouse product self-developed and industrial software, Passion links the material flow through intelligent equipment, opens up the data flow through industrial software, expands to the upstream and downstream production links through integrated service mode, and is committed to providing the overall solutions of smart warehousing and logistics throughout the whole production process for customers. It has helped several Fortune 500 companies to build the “Lighthouse” successfully, so it deserves this honor.

Lead the Development of Warehouse Robot Industry

and Enable the Digital Intelligent Transformation and Upgrading of the Whole Production Process

The robot serves as “the Pearl at the Top of Manufacturing Crown”, and its research and development, manufacturing and application have become a significant symbol to measure the level of a country’s high-end manufacturing industry. Under the background of rapidly rising labor cost, the robot is in increasing demand for manufacturing enterprises, and as the industrial robot is strongly supported at the policy level, the robot technology innovation has accelerated the industrial digitization in recent years, and the development of China’s robot industry has entered the rapid expansion channel.

From August 2 to 4, the 2022 (Fifth) GG-ROBOT Integrators Conference themed by “Differentiation, Strength Accumulation and Coexistence” was held as scheduled. GG-ROBOT is China’s famous industrial research institution in the field of robot, and the Conference, as a grand comprehensive industrial meeting with a great scale, influence and industrial coverage, has attracted more than 600 leaders of robot industry chain enterprises to jointly discuss the “intelligent manufacturing” road of domestic robot industry.

With the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation deepening, the market competition is increasingly inclined towards the competition of the overall industrial chain, and the warehouse intelligentialize has already been changed from an optional choice to an essential choice for the digital intelligent transformation and upgrading.

Hua Xin, a General Manager of Passion, was invited to attend the Conference and to deliver a keynote speech around “the flexible WIP warehouse system for digital intelligent production”, and shared successful cases of Passion’s flexible WIP warehouse system in the digital intelligent construction of warehousing and logistics, as well as deeply exchanged with many industrial experts.

The intelligent intensive warehouse robot researched and developed independently by Passion, a leading enterprise in intelligent logistics technology, has been called a new infrastructure of intelligent manufacturing and takes a leading position in the field of electronic manufacturing.

Based on the smart warehousing + intelligent logistics and combined with AI + Digital Twin technology, Passion’s overall flexible WIP warehouse solution for digital intelligent production can effectively break through the “blocks” from warehouse to production line, help manufacturing enterprises improve production efficiency, reduce the enterprise operating cost, and support enterprises really realize the intelligent transformation and upgrading.

It Won the Honorary Title of “One of Top Ten System Integrators” Again

It is remarkable that it takes less than half a month for Passion to win the honorary title of “One of Top Ten System Integrators” again in this award ceremony of top ten system integrators since it was listed into Chinese Technology Innovation Brands [Top 10 Robot Brands], and it also won double titles of “One of Top Ten System Integrators in Warehousing and Logistics Industry” and “One of Top Ten System Integrators in 3C Industry” at one time.

This award not only represents the re-affirmation of the robot industry for Passion Intelligent’s achievements in product research, development and smart warehousing projects in the fields of industrial robot technology and digital manufacturing, but also demonstrates Passion’s technological innovation ability and huge development potential again.

Led by technical expert team of the State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology, Passionis the first company researching and developing the intelligent precision component warehouse system successfully in China, and is also the first intelligent warehouse company passing CE certification in China.

Passion always focuses on the customers’ demand, links the material flow through intelligent equipment, opens up the data flow through industrial software, and helps enterprises to make smart operation decisions through data + AI algorithm. Currently, there are nearly 200 smart warehousing projects in operation, and it has helped several Fortune 500 companies to build the “Lighthouse” successfully, and has been highly recognized and trusted by leading business customers in high-end manufacturing fields such as 3C, automobile, semiconductor, military, medical treatment, aerospace, shipbuilding, etc.

In the future, Passion will continuously improve the materials warehousing and circulation efficiency with its leading robot technologies, and help enterprises to make smart operation decisions. Adhering to the vision of "providing better intelligent production and working methods for mankind", we will climb to new heights and forge ahead on the road of scientific and technological innovation to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.