Passion Was Listed into “Chinese Technology Innovation Brands” [Top 10 Robot Brands]

Correspondent:admin Time:2022-07-20

A few days ago, [Authentic Ranking · TOP 100 Chinese Technology Innovation Brands] was formally announced. Passion stood out from 1000+ outstanding enterprises with excellent brand innovation ability, social influence and innovative intelligent manufacturing strength, and was listed into 2022 Authentic Ranking · Chinese Technology Innovation Brands [Top 10 Robot Brands].

Technological innovation is the path that must be taken to drive China’s sustainable economic growth. It is also a significant manifestation of a country’s comprehensive competitive power.

The Authentic Ranking - Innovative Economy “no lying list”, which idea is to use the most honest and objective evaluation methods to identify innovators who have influenced the Times. It is reported that there have been more than 1000 survey samples for this list, and the dozens of judges formed by CEOs or CMOs from enterprises with a revenue > 100 million made an investigation and survey, as well as appraisal through comparison based on tens of dimensions such as market size, profit model, technical barrier, financial revenue, social value and future growth possibility for more than ten days, and finally selected double-excellent enterprises with business and brand innovation ability.

Led by a team of technical experts from the National Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology,Passion is deeply committed to smart warehousing and intelligent manufacturing transformation. It has nearly 200 smart warehousing projects in operation, and has helped many Fortune 500 enterprises successfully build a "Lighthouse Factory".

It only takes one month for Passion to be listed into the “Authentic Ranking” with its “Hard tech” again in the past few days since it was selected into Key Enterprises of “Nursery Project for Enterprise Listing” in Suzhou - the world’s largest industrial city, and it deserves the title of “Chinese Technology Innovation Brands” [Top 10 Robot Brands]. This fully shows that the Company’s scientific and technological innovation ability and brand influence have been highly recognized by all circles.

Technological innovation is ultimately for the better development of human beings. As an “accelerator” for digital intelligent transformation of industrial enterprises, Passion will continue to be committed to improving the efficiency of material storage and circulation with leading robot technology, to help enterprises make intelligent operation decisions, adhering to the vision of "providing better intelligent production and working methods for human beings", and then to reach new heights and forge ahead.