Passion Was Selected into Key Enterprises of “Nursery Project for Enterprise Listing” in Suzhou in 2022

Correspondent:admin Time:2022-06-20

Recently, 2022 List of Nursery Project for Enterprise Listing in Suzhou Industrial Park was announced,Suzhou Passion Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.,as an outstanding representative in the field of smart warehousingwas successfully selected into Key Enterprises of “Nursery Project for Enterprise Listing”.。

This marks that Passion has entered the fast lane of listing. In the future, the company will receive support and services from the park government on policies, funds, credit, equity, venues and other aspects to further accelerate the development and listing of enterprises.

Nursery Project for Enterprise Listing

Listed enterprises are an important measure of local comprehensive economic strength and an important driving force for the high-quality development of regional economy.
As the world's largest industrial city, Suzhou has deeply and continuously implemented the innovation-driven strategy in recent years, and its listed companies have achieved leapfrog development, ranking among the best in both growth rate and quality in China.
Suzhou Industrial Park is an important cooperation project between the governments of China and Singapore. It is known as an important window of China 's reform and opening up and a successful example of international cooperation.

'Nursery project ' is' is a benchmark brand of Suzhou Industrial Park, mainly in the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, biomedical and other industries. In the past two years, 19 new listed companies, 95 % from the ' listed nursery '.

Key Enterprises

' Key enterprises ' are the relay reserve forces of ' pre-IPO enterprises ' which have completed the share reform in ' nursery project '. After being selected for the project, the enterprise will receive financial support, credit support, equity support, site support, etc.

The innovation ability is both an important engine for high-quality development of an enterprise and a hard index for IPO of an enterprise. This time, Passion was selected into the list successfully with its strong ability upon comprehensive assessment and a series of selections based on key indexes for listing of enterprises in multi-level capital market, such as enterprise valuation, sales, research, development and phased objectives, which not only marks that the government and all walks of life have fully affirmed Passion’s innovation ability, technological height, development potential and other aspects of strength, but also shows that the “Nursery Project” will become an “accelerator” to drive the listing and high-quality development of Passion.
In the future, Passion will take advantage of the to new heights, deepen intelligent warehousing, accelerate the transformation of intelligent manufacturing, help enterprises make intelligent operation decisions, and continue to create value for customers !