Hua Xin, a General Manager of Passion, Was Employed as a Expert of “Shishan Think Tank” to Enable Enterprises’ Digital Intelligent Transformation and Upgrading

Correspondent:admin Time:2022-06-02

Huaxin, co-founder and general manager of Passion, was invited as a digital intelligence transformation expert to attend the opening of the ' Shishan Road ' Heritage and Innovation Education Training Center on May 29 and the first lecture of ' Digital Drive Wisdom Leads the Future ', and was hired as an expert of ' Shishan Think Tank '.

lights up the "road to Shishan" with its experience in helping realize the "Lighthouse Factory" With the in-depth development of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, the digital economy has become the focus of economic entities to seize development opportunities and create new competitive advantages. As the world 's largest industrial city, Suzhou has hired experts in the field of digital intelligence to set up the ' Shishan Think Tank ', which aims to provide think tank and resource support for the construction of first-class business innovation zones and help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation.

As an employed expert,Hua Xin, a Co-founder and General Manager of Passion, has worked in the State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology led by Academician Ding Han as an employed expert for many years, and once led many intelligent manufacturing demonstration projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. He has rich experience in product research and development and industrial implementation in the fields of industrial robot technology and digital manufacturing. When serving as a General Manager of Passion, he took the lead in design and sales of many warehouse robots and industrial solutions, and led the team to help several Fortune 500 companies to build the “Lighthouse Factory” successfully.

After the unveiling ceremony, the first lecture of "Digital Drive and Future Led by the Intelligence" was officially opened,guests such as Zhang Yijia, a Founder of JAZZYEAR, Yu Yang, a Professor of School of Artificial Intelligence, Nanjing University, Zheng Bin, a General Manager of DingTalk East China, Miao Yufeng, a Chief Product Director of STCA, Tao Hanyao, a Director of Huawei Cloud Suzhou Solutions, shared their opinions on digital intelligent transformation and digital achievements in their fields successively.

Talking about the pain points and difficulties in the development of intelligent manufacturing, Huaxin, general manager of Passion, said that intelligent manufacturing is not a noun, and our technology must be implemented to solve the small problems at every ' nerve ending ' of the manufacturing plant. The transformation of digital intelligence is not achieved overnight, and it needs to be accumulated step by step. Standardization is the basis of automation and the premise of intelligent manufacturing. At present, Passion is running nearly 200 intelligent projects, and basically achieves better understanding of customers' future needs than customers.. With self-developed modular and standard products, Passion has solved customers’ actual warehousing needs for production process, and realized efficient response and 100% project delivery while helping enterprises in digital intelligent transformation and upgrading. Its rich industrial implementation experience has paved a way for enterprises’ digital intelligent transformation and development.

Digital Drive and Future Led by the Intelligence. With the continuous deepening of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the application of digital intelligent technologies has become a golden key for China’s manufacturing industry to break through the times and realize high-quality development in the VUCA era, and is also an engine to support China’s manufacturing industry innovation. Huaxin, general manager of Suzhou Paixun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., was hired as an expert of ' Shishan Think Tank ', which not only reflects the Suzhou as the world ' s largest industrial city of our company ' s high recognition,,but also confirms Paixun Intelligence 's professional ability and leading level in the field of digital warehousing services as a ' high-quality service provider of China 's digital supply chain ' and a provider of intelligent warehousing solutions for production processes.

In the future, Passion will continuously focus on customers’ demands, deeply develop the intelligent storage, enable the intelligent manufacturing transformation, seize development opportunities of industrial digitization and digital industrialization, and continuously share the “Lighthouse Factory” experience to help enterprises realize automation, digitization, intelligent transformation and upgrading.