Good News | “CRSC Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Line Project” Built by Passion Was Highly Recognized

Correspondent:admin Time:2022-06-02

Recently, the ' Beixin Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Line Project ' implemented by Passion has successfully passed the acceptance of phased results and has been highly recognized by Beijing Railway Signal Co., Ltd., a large customer of central enterprises under CRSC.

AI + Smart Warehousing enables automated material access management in rail transit

Rail transit as an important national infrastructure, has become a ' transport power strategy ' and ' new infrastructure ' important layout direction. 
Beijing Railway Signal Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as " Beixin Company " ) is a leading enterprise in the field of rail transit safety control and information technology. It has provided signal control system equipment for six major speed-ups of China 's railways and China 's high-speed railways and passenger dedicated lines. Its products are distributed throughout the main operating lines of global railways and some urban light rails and local railways.

Beixin company joins hands with Passion, in the construction of intelligent production line strategy under the guidance, to create ' CRSC Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Line Project '.

“Compared with the manpower, Passion’s overall smart warehousing and logistics solution can save more labor cost, keep warehouse running continuously and more effectively, handle more complex work, and ensure that the safety protection requirements of materials can be met in special warehousing environments. It can realize the intelligent storage for the whole process successfully while effectively improving original poor logistics management.”


The following contents are from the official website of Beijing Railway Signal Co., Ltd.

It is to establish the smart warehousing and logistics system and boost the intellectualization of the whole warehousing process. With MES system put into application and intelligent logistics solutions implemented as scheduled, the smart warehousing and logistics system has been formally put into use recently.

The intelligent warehouse and logistics system realizes the mechanical-electrical integration operation and the data interaction with MES and ERP systems through the automatic actuator and the data interaction with MES and ERP systems, so as to pick up, store, distribute, sort out and allocate chip materials automatically during warehousing. Compared with manual labor, intelligent warehousing and logistics system not only saves labor costs, allows the warehouse to maintain continuous and efficient operation, but also can deal with more complex work, and can ensure the safety protection requirements of materials in special storage environment.

Up to now, the Company’s two intelligent stock bins launched recently can not only effectively improve the problem of original poor logistics management and realize the intelligent logistics warehousing, but also have been researched systematically and synchronously in terms of material specification, classification, storage, sorting and distribution. Between them, a double-track warehouse with 7-inch tray can store 17000 trays of materials, while the other single-track warehouse with 13-inch tray can store 2400 trays of materials, which improves the access efficiency of chip materials greatly.

In the future, CRSC will continuously promote the construction of smart warehousing and logistics, drive the intelligent pull-type AGV and intelligent stock bin with intelligent logistics system, and works with WMS system and MES system for refined overall management of material storage and distribution, so as to realize the intelligent chip warehousing and logistics for the whole process.

Continuously enable the digital intelligent transformation and upgrading under the leading of technical experts of State Key Laboratory

Currently, the market competition is increasingly inclined towards the competition of the overall industrial chain. The flexibility and digitization of production make the warehousing and logistics have higher requirements, and the traditional artificial warehousing, materials pick-up, inventory, etc. depend on the manpower, which both wastes man power and money and has low efficiency and high mistakes. In addition, problems such as population aging and difficult and high-cost employment have become increasingly obvious.

The introduction of intelligent warehousing, can help enterprises to achieve accurate and efficient automated access to materials, first-in-first-out to avoid sluggish materials, special materials of the whole life cycle traceability management, in-out warehouse information real-time update to ensure the consistency of accounts and materials.

While fully realizing the intelligent and refined integrated management of warehousing, it can effectively shorten the preparation and production cycle and help enterprises make intelligent operation decisions.


Led by technical expert team of the State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology, Passion has core research and development teams which once led many intelligent manufacturing demonstration projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The project planning and implementation teams are mainly from leading enterprises in various fields such as Iflytek, Foxconn, PEGATRON and Hikvision, with profound technical foundation and rich experience in model projects implementation. Therefore, it can avoid “detours” and implement projects quickly under the fast and efficient response.

At present,there are 200 intelligent warehousing projects in operation. The customers have covered the leading enterprises in the fields of 3C, automobile, semiconductor, military, medical, aerospace, shipbuilding and other fields, including Foxconn,PEGATRON, SMIC, Hua Tian, TDK, Toshiba, Schneider Electric, Gree, Midea, BYD, Goertek, OPPO, INOVANCE, SCC, TPV, CEC, CSIC, AVIC, CNNC,etcWe has helped many top 500 enterprises to build a ' lighthouse factory '.


Passion is committed to continuous innovation for promoting the intelligent transformation of industry and providing the better intelligent production and working mode for human beings. In the future, Passion will always focus on the customers’ demand, and devote itself to improving the materials warehousing and circulation efficiency with its leading robot technologies and helping enterprises realize the automation, digitalization and intelligent transformation and upgrading.