First Batch in Jiangsu! Passion Intelligent Was Recognized as “Three-Star Cloud Enterprise” in Jiangsu Province in 2022!

Correspondent:admin Time:2022-05-16

Recently, Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the first list of four-star and three-star cloud enterprises in 2022. With its strong industrial Internet platform construction and service capabilities, Passion has successfully passed the 2022 Jiangsu Star-rated Cloud Enterprise Assessment and won the Three-star.

What is “Enterprise Cloudification”?

“Enterprise Cloudification” is an important means for a company to implement digital transformation. In active response to the policy of the Three-Year Action Plan for Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry in Jiangsu Province (2022-2024), Passion has fully promoted the construction of star-level enterprise cloudification, and built a comprehensive credit approval system based on cloud computing, network, storage resources and security to ensure the normal operation, safety and reliability of all business flows, reduce the cost of system operation and maintenance and improve work efficiency. At the same time, it has made business innovation with the help of Cloud big data analytics, AI and other related capabilities to further promote its digital transformation and upgrading.

Enterprise cloud refers to the process in which an enterprise uses the Internet as the basis to apply information infrastructure, management, business, etc., and connects social resources, sharing services and capabilities through the Internet and cloud computing.

Embracing the cloud and integrating into the cloud is the only way for enterprises to become intelligent and digital. It helps enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, flexibly adjust resources according to needs, reduce the cost of information procurement and operation and maintenance, and promote multi-link collaboration.

The practice of "Enterprise Cloudification" has been highly recognized by the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and it has become the first Three-star Cloud enterprise in Jiangsu Province. It fully shows the determination and results of the company to rely on the Internet for digital management and reconstruct the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and also provides strong technical support for the differentiation and digital development of the company.

With customer demand as the core, Passion links material flow through intelligent equipment, gets through data flow through industrial software, and helps enterprises make intelligent operation decisions through data +AI algorithm.

In the future, Passio will deeply cultivate intelligent storage and enable intelligent manufacturing transformation, and promote its integration with big data, AI, cloud computing, IoT and other technologies under the guidance of “providing the better intelligent production and working mode for human beings”. With more excellent products and efficient services, Passion will constantly help customers reduce costs, increase efficiency, achieve success, and jointly create a better future.