Intelligent Warehousing Leader | Passion Has Helped Many Fortune 500 Companies to Build the “Lighthouse Factory” Successfully

Correspondent:passion Time:2022-05-10

Known as "the most advanced factory in the world", the Lighthouse Factory is a demonstration of "digital manufacturing" and "Globalization 4.0" jointly selected by the World Economic Forum in Davos and McKinsey & Company. It aims to select the leading enterprises that have been effective in the application and integration of cutting-edge technologies in the fourth industrial revolution and can be regarded as the global model, which will be praised as the guiding light of the fourth industrial revolution.、

From 2018 to March 2022, there were 103 “Lighthouses” in the world, and China has the most "Lighthouse " with 37.

Among the 15 "lighthouse factories" selected in China in 2021, the Midea-Shunde factory, the Foxconn-Chengdu factory, the Foxconn-Wuhan factory, and the Schneider-Wuxi factory all adopt the overall solution of Passion's smart warehousing solution. It is mainly reflected in the fine management of logistics such as procurement and receipt, intelligent storage, unmanned sorting and distribution, and production line return.


China accounts for about 70% of the global production capacity,, as a major 3C manufacturing country. The traditional material management mode is troubled by such problems as low automation and informatization, heavy sorting and distribution workload, high error rate, time-consuming and labor-consuming inventory, and inconsistent accounts and materials. With the rapid development of social economy and the impact of COVID-19 epidemic, 3C manufacturing industry must have further intelligent upgrading to cater to the market development trend.

Foxconn Technology Group is the world's largest technology manufacturing service provider for the electronics industry, one of the top 500 global companies, and an intelligent manufacturing company that places equal emphasis on R&D and channels. It invests deeply in AI and industrial Internet.

Foxconn Technology Group has 4 factories selected as "Lighthouse Factory", which has become the key to his digital transformation. With SMT smart warehousing and logistics overall solution of Passion, Wuhan Factory and Chengdu Factory not only greatly improved the efficiency of material storage, picking, distribution, verification and delivery, but also effectively enhanced the efficiency of material circulation and space utilization without prejudice to the original production efficiency. The two factories has realized the intelligent transformation and upgrading.




Project Overview

The SMT production line of the project site is distributed across floors, and the original materials are stored across floors in the way of shelves. Personnel need to hold the material preparation table to find materials, and the material preparation information is handwritten on the material tray, resulting in high error rate, mixed material requirements across floors, and delayed material preparation.


Six problems to be solved:

- The traditional manual warehouse operation is inefficient and error-prone
- The warehouse has low storage density and wastes storage space
- The material flow in and out of the warehouse is still manually operated by traditional personnel, which is easy to produce inconsistent accounts and materials
- The warehouse management lacks WMS to support data construction, and the paper document operation cannot be traced
- The electronic bin pulling feeding link is not intelligent, the production line work order management is traditional, and the material preparation efficiency is poor
- There is no unified WMS system integration platform, and the device interaction is less, forming data islands

SMT Smart Warehousing and Logistics Overall Solution

Based on all kinds of problems of foxconn factory in wuhan, Passion enables logistics and warehousing through AI, to meet the needs of customer production, technological process, business model, intelligent digital management, such as demand, provides the whole life cycle of materials management solution, intelligent power foxconn wuhan factory complete transformation and upgrading, successfully selected as "Lighthouse Factory".

Overall planning

- Intelligent storage and picking: Smart warehousing realizes intelligent management of raw materials
- Directional logistics: AGV realizes intelligent and unmanned transportation of raw materials into warehouse and online distribution
- Information interaction: Connection with the existing system of the factory; material release according to the work order; real-time update of warehousing-in/out and inventory information
- Unified scheduling: Unified system scheduling; common information for different devices

Core Highlights

At the construction level, Passion provides users with a visual warehousing management system and builds a WMS intelligent logistics platform for data interaction with Foxconn’s factory production system. The system can collect and monitor in real time the execution data, picking progress, inventory, containers, abnormal conditions and other information in the warehousing process, and provides accurate data support for management decisions.

At the application level, the electronic components intelligent silo, storage, out-of-warehouse picking, and unmanned distribution of raw materials are realized through electronic components intelligent silos, intelligent shelves, confluence sorting systems, intelligent trackless AGVs and other equipment.

Value created for Foxconn

The warehousing and logistics capacity of Foxconn Wuhan Factory has been significantly improved and far exceeding the expected goal after introducing SMT warehousing and logistics overall solution of Passion.
Such improvement is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
-Labor saving of 90%: The number of operators is reduced from 26 to 3
-Space utilization increased by 45%: From 30% to 75%
-Material preparation time saving of 80%: From 30 min to 5 min
- Slow-moving material cost saving of RMB 150,000-200,000 / year: consistent accounts and materials to completely eliminate slow-moving materials
-Digital and lean management and control: Visual management of board for traceable whole process
-ROI period < 12 months: fast cost recovery

Today, the development of a new generation of information technology represented by 5G, AI and big data is in the ascendant. Only by promoting the deep integration of new technologies and manufacturing enterprises for the purpose of higher efficiency can we truly realize the transformation of intelligent manufacturing. This is also the significance of the fourth industrial revolution.
Passion is committed to improving the efficiency of material storage and circulation with cutting-edge robot technology to help enterprises achieve automation, digitalization, and intelligent transformation and upgrading.
Focusing on the dual upgrading of intelligent hardware and software services in the manufacturing field and facing the production process, Passion always focuses on the customers’ demand, of electronic manufacturing industry in virtue of our prospective, flexible and intelligent design idea and AI algorithm through the intelligent equipment link-based material flow, data flow connected by industrial software, and data +AI algorithm. In this way, we could provide our customers with intelligent, automatic and digital total solution covering the whole production process in plant At present, there are nearly 200 smart warehousing projects in operation, with a continuous performance growth rate of more than 300% in recent years. Passion has become a key partner of many Fortune 500 enterprises in smart warehousing.
Passion customers have covered the leading enterprises in 3C, automotive, semiconductor, military, medical, aerospace, shipbuilding and other fields, including Foxconn, PEGATRON, SMIC, Huatian Technology, TDK, Toshiba, Schneider, GREE, Midea, BYD, Goertek, OPPO, Inovance Technology, Shennan Circuits, TPV Technology, CETC, CSIC, AVIC, and CNNC, etc.
Passion is committed to continuous innovation for promoting the intelligent transformation of industry and providing the better intelligent production and working mode for human beings. Passion  will explore more possibilities in smart warehousing for transformation to intelligent manufacturing, and constantly help customers in various fields to achieve success by reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and jointly shape the future.