Deeply Cultivate Intelligent Storage and Enable Intelligent Manufacturing Transformation | Passion Was Selected as TOP 30 in the 2022 Spring Professional, Fine, Characteristic and Innovative Dark Horse Competition

Correspondent:passion Time:2022-04-13

The 2022 Spring Professional, Fine, Characteristic and Innovative Dark Horse Competition jointly initiated by Entrepreneurship Dark Horse and other parties such as Xinhua Network was successfully held recently. The list of “TOP 30 in the 2022 Spring Special and New Dark Horse Competition” which attracted much attention was released at the event.

Passion was successfully selected into “TOP 30 in the 2022 Spring Professional, Fine, Characteristic and Innovative Dark Horse Competition” by virtue of its leading strength and outstanding contributions in the field of smart warehousing.

With the further development of a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the domestic manufacturing industry is now more urgent to upgrade, which puts forward higher requirements for the level of warehousing material management of enterprises. smart warehousing and logistics industry has also ushered in greater growth opportunities and mission.

As the most influential industrial innovation competition in China, the Dark Horse Competition has been held for 11 consecutive years since 2011. All participants are evaluated by more than 200 scientific research institutes, industry leaders, investment institutions, securities companies and other industry senior experts and market professionals in multiple dimensions. It gathers domestic leading enterprises in the fields of digital economy, advanced manufacturing, new energy and new materials, and healthcare. These enterprises may be considered as backbones of China’s innovative industry.

This successful selection not only recognizes Passion ’s innovation ability and technical strength, but also encourages Passion to constantly move towards its vision of “providing the better intelligent production and working mode for human beings”.

Help enterprises in intelligent transformation and upgrading based on professional, fine, characteristic and innovative nature

Passion always focuses on the customers’ demand, links the material flow through intelligent equipment, opens up the data flow through industrial software, and helps enterprises to make smart operation decisions through data + AI algorithm. At present, there are nearly 200 smart warehousing projects in operation, with a continuous performance growth rate of more than 300% in recent years. Passion Intelligent has become a key partner of many Fortune 500 enterprises in intelligent storage.

Passion has rich experience in product R & D and industrialization in the fields of industrial robot technology and digital manufacturing. Li You and Hua Xin, founders of Passion, studied and worked in the State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology of Huazhong University of Science and Technology under the guidance of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The company’s core R & D and management personnel mainly come from leading enterprises in many fields such as iFLYTEK, Foxconn, PEGATRON and Hikvision. With solid technical foundation, forward-looking design concept and rich experience in model projects.
Passion has the ability to constantly innovate and help customers reduce costs, increase efficiency and achieve success.

Passion will continue to base on scientific and technological innovation, deeply cultivate industry customers, work with ecological partners in various fields, actively promote the landing and popularization of intelligent warehousing and logistics in China, and create the future of digital economy development.