Product Description
  • The barcode reading system is mainly used to bind the unique code of material tray with the effective information such as supplier, material number, quantity and generation date. It identifies the barcode such as unique code, material number and quantity automatically according to the field rules after scanning the whole label by CCD, bind the data in the background and uploaded to the MES system after successful identification.

Multiple identification rule

1. Barcode length;2. Whether special symbols are included;3. Whether it contains letters;4. Whether it contains specific letters;5. Whether the first digit is a letter;6. Whether it is a pure number;7. Whether the last two digits are integers

Product parameters
SN System module Detailed description Model/Specification
1. 20 megapixels;
2. Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera;
3. rResolution: 5473*3684;
4. Operating system: Windows XP/7/10 32/64bits
2 Lens
1. Fixed focus, manual aperture, 12 million pixels12 megapixels;
2. Focal length: 16mm;
3. Image size: φ17.6mm (1.1");
4. Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃
3 Accessories
1. aAdjustable light source;
2. Power cord;
3. Network cable;
4. Camera holder;
4 Passview software system
1. All barcodes in CCD range/QR code batch scanning processing;
2. Accurately identify barcodes/QR codes in a variety of rules;
3. Quickly decode the contents of barcodes/QR codes;
4. Barcode management system (including functions: user management, barcode specification setting, barcode generation, etc.);
5. Information interaction and docking with MES, ERP and other systems
5 Code reading software License Authorization package for single device customized
6 IPC Advantech original IPC-510/AIMB-701/Two Gigabit network ports /I7-3770/8G/120GSSD+1T HD Advantech IPC-510