SMTT super large capacity SMT Smart Warehousing in Malaysia

2020.10.29Intelligent storage

Before improvement :The material access efficiency is low, and the online materials need to be labeled manually

Improved:Realize 17,000 trays of 7-inch material storage; the outbound material is sorted by the manipulator to the mobile material bin with light, and the production line mobile material bin lights up to guide the personnel to load requiring no labelling of the station

Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliances Co., LTD. Intelligent Material Warehouse Project

2020.06.11Intelligent storage

Before improvement:Material rack storage type manual searching; the inventory of the tail material in the production line is complicated and inefficient; the inventory results need to be manually uploaded to the system

Improvd:"National intelligent manufacturing" central financial capital investment equipment; high automation and information of labeling and material checking; supply materials on demand with JIT mode to deliver to specified location precisely

Wuxi TDK Lambda Electronics Co., LTD. (TDK GROUP) Intelligent Storage Project

2020.04.15Intelligent storage

Before improvement:Work order material preparation takes a lot of manpower and time, and the efficiency is low. There are too many material pickers in the production line and the material seekers in the lineside warehouse.

Improved:It is automatically executed through the intelligent warehouse to Substitute ingredients and finders; the sorting mechanism automatically sorts the materials after the material is out of the warehouse.

Wuxi Shennan Circuits Co., LTD. Smart Warehousing Logistics Solution

2019.10.22Intelligent storage

Before improvement:The material covers a large area with a low space utilization rate; the personnel is difficult to find materials so the production line demand can not be responded in time.

Improvemed:Intensive warehouse improve the space utilization rate. Single can accommodate 17000 rolls of 7-inch electronic trays; With roller AGV, automatic inbound and outbound can be realized to respond to production line demand timely; deliver materials with JIT mode issuing.

Pegatron Technology Group Intelligent Storage project

2019.10.03Intelligent storage

Before improvement:Work order material preparation costs a lot of manpower and time with low efficiency; the material accumulates at the production line and it takes time and manpower to find materials when receiving materials; there are a variety of materials with chaotic management and it is easy to load wrong materials.

Improved:Automatic attachment of unique label before material storage; intelligent bin automatically executes to replace manual matching and searching; the station information label will be affixed automatically after the material is delivered from the warehouse.

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