About Passioniot

Founded in 2014, Suzhou Passion Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on providing "intelligent line-side warehouse products and industry closed-loop overall solutions" for discrete manufacturing customers for digital intelligence production.

The company's main products include software and hardware and integrated solutions for smart factories, such as intelligent warehousing equipment, intelligent handling equipment, material visual registration & detection & inventory system, mobile IoT storage terminal, and manufacturing process-oriented material execution systems iMHS, iWMS, WCS , RCS, etc.

We provide customers with an overall smart supply chain solution that runs through the entire production process, which is reflected in linking material flow through innovative standardized line-side warehouse products, opening up data flow through self-developed software systems, and providing integrated service models to production links Downstream expansion helps enterprises transform and upgrade with digital intelligence.

Up to now, our company is running more than 200 projects, and has successfully helped many Fortune 500 companies build "lighthouse factories".Customers cover leading companies in the fields of semiconductors, new energy, national defense, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, rail transit, and electric power.

Industry Leader
Awarded "Specialized, Special and New" Enterprise Certification; Outstanding Enterprise Award in China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition; "Nobel Prize" in robotics industry - Chapek Award; selected as a key enterprise in Suzhou "Enterprise Listing Nursery Project"; "China Science and Technology Innovation Brand" "Robotics Brand Top 10", etc. Establishment of Shenzhen and Shandong regional branches;Globalization layout Passion's intelligent warehousing solution was reported by the official media of China CCTV News; Helped many Fortune 500 companies to build "lighthouse factory" successfully
Soaring order volume
Obtained PreA and PreA+ financing; Im-plemented Goertek and TPV pro-jects; Imple-mented OPPO and Nader projects; Get the repurchase orders from Foxconn and Pegatron groups.
Honor and certificates
Digital Ecological Par-tner of Foxconn ; Intelligent Logistic Te-chnology Leading En-terprise; Top 10 System Integrator of 3C indu-stry; Get orders from Malaysia SMTT and Xi’an Mi-croelectronic Technology Institute.
Ranking 1st in the market
Implemented the pro-jects from TDK and Compal; Imple-mented the projects from CARS and Cree ; Implement-ed CSSC project; Led our com-petitors in order volume in the industry.
Products upgrading
Upgraded the softwar-es and hard-wares,Su-pport customizing ser-vice,Participated in Ele-ctronica Expo and accepted high-end in-terview; Realized st-andardized batch pro-duction of products.
Pilot demonstration
Applied for the intelligent manufacturing special project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly; Get batch orders from Foxconn group and Pegatron group; Implemented the projects from Inovance, Gree and Evoc; Implemented the projects from BYD Phase II and CETC group.
Focus of attention
Attended NEPCON Expo and Electronica; Implemented the projects of FiberHome Technologies and Delta Technology projects; Implemented Foxconn project and BYD project.
First single set was developed successfully
Storage Products were satified by Innolux Corporation verification, schneider project and Pegatron group.
The company was established
High-tech Company, Private Technology Enterprise; 2 High-tech Products,Double-hundred Innovative Talents; EU CE certificate and ISO certificate.
R&D Team

Talent Development

The training system is not only a very important part of Passion talent development system,but also it has the best reputation among all Passion regulations. In terms of training methods, Passion adopts mixed training, including on-the-job training, classroom training, online training, remote training, etc. On-the-job training is the core part, including direct manager system and tutor system.

Team building

Passion intelligent R & D team boasts years of scientific research and pro-duction experience, providing technical support for continuous optimization of production and quality improvement, and providing customers with tailored and accurate services.