Product Description

  • With its modular design and flexible scalability, SMT Material Tower can be used as a speedy, line-adjacent component supply and storage system for electronics factories of all sizes.
  • As a part of smart factory,it easily adapts to any production requirements. Designed for changing needs, it supports classic manual material withdrawals as well as fully automated etc.
  • Moreover it can realize SMT production line integration by data exchange with existing systems as MES and ERP.
Product features

▪Space saving: By only 1 m² , it can storage over 500 reels/trays, its dimension can be customized to plant height.

▪Muti-funciton: Support all the storage functions daily required,e.g.  such as automatic storage and retrieval, inventory management, material shortage warning, batch material taking, authority management, humidity control, etc.

▪Optional work mode: It can work not only independently but also with other towers online at the same time/collaboratively with a high efficiency.

▪Ease to use: Single set maintenance does not influence other towers; the powerful self-protection and self-recovery ability realise intelligent automatically shutdown and re-initiation under a special case so as to ensure no damage of materials and equipment and security of data storage.

Material compatibility

Specifications for reels to be stored7-inch reels: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 24mm; 13-inch reels: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm and 44mm;

Unique box designthree specifications for 1, 3 or 5 rolls of materials respectively;the box cover and body are designed to be inseparable to prevent the materials from being mixed due to the confused covers.

Product advantages

Small volume with large capacity per unit area; flexible and simple operation; easy to move and flexible in combination;

Ensure device storage safety; avoid the error absolutely when picking material; communicate with other SMT equipment and MES.

Product parameters
Specification name Technical parameters
Dimension 995 mm * 1087 mm * 2300 mm (height)
Material specification and capacity Disk diameter - belt width
7 ", 13 ", pallet
Up to 546 material storage units (7 "8mm)
Access efficiency 15~18s/pcs
Software and Integration Intelligent warehousing system software (IWMS) and ERP/MES for information system integration
anti-static E6-E9
Peripheral equipment integration Bar code printer, wireless scanner, robot sorting, temperature and humidity control module