Solder paste quality problem analysis

The traditional storage mode of solder paste is easy to cause solder beading, tomb stone effect, short circuit, offset, solder shortage, solder wicking and other quality problems.

Analysis of solder paste management problems

How to guarantee the quality and quantity of traditional solder paste management? How to trace solder paste? How to control the time?How to manage the temperature?How to monitor the personnel, etc.

Intelligent solder paste cabinet equipment integration

Intelligent solder paste cabinet equipment integration: scanner, temperature controller, fingerprint reader, UI operating tablet, sensor, solenoid valve, IPC, etc.

Operation process of intelligent solder paste cabinet

Fingerprint verification and identification - Manual material storage - Visual code recognition, automatic data entry - MES docking, the system automatically booking-- Booking time monitoring and auto circulation in the warehouse- Auto warming according to the set time- Warming time monitoring, automatic reminding for code scanning and delivery - Unused solder paste to be stored in a special area and monitored by the system to be prioritized for use.